We about ourselves

Dear customer, friends and partners,

We at the Mc Zimmervermietung would like to introduce ourselves to you.
So if you have a phone conversation with one of us, you will know a bit more about whomever you are talking to at that moment.
If youve any specific question please send your message immediately to the one who is responsible for it.

These are your most important contacts:

Vedran Gavranic: Ill work in the company as a craftsman and will give you the keys for a new flat.

Holger Gause: hes paying your bills.

Kornelius Jakas : I'm one craftsman.
Additional I take care about the postal delivery and bring the keys to our customers.
My Hometown is a small vilage near Kleipeda in Lithunia.
I speak Lithunian and English well.

Domas Cerneckas: From Lithuania and helping out when needed.

Valerij Peters: Ill work in the company as the chief craftsman.
I was born in Kasachstan, but I'mm living in Germany since more as 20 years.
I speak fluentyl Russian and German, English just a little bit.

Helga Pietsch: she is responsible for the office organisation.

Olaf Schelski: hes taking care about your data.

Mansoor Sayedi: I'm working in our back offices.

Im 29 years old i was born in Afghanistan and did my high school there in the Capital Kabul.
Later I went to Islamabad Pakistan for my Bachelor Degree.
After compilation of my studies in 2016, I have got the opportunity to start my master degree in Furtwangen University Berlin, Germany in field of Business Administration in a program of International Relations and Cultural Diversity.
Beside my studies I was working with Arvato Bertelsmann in a Facebook project as Content Moderator for two years after my master.
I have worked for two years in Afghanistan General Consulate Bonn, Write now Im working with Mc Zimmervermietung in Office management .
I can Speak English, Persian, Pashto, Hindi.
And German but not in a professional level.

Jrgen Wolff Cologne: He is the sales person, i.e. he is the contact person for everyone who wishes to purchase or to rent something.
You may talk with him in German, English, French, Netherlands.
The first 4 langauges are well enought for a phone call. If you like to correspond in Italian and Spanish, it will be better to use the mail.

Heidemarie Wolff: she takes care about our bookkeeping.
Therefore, we would like to ask you to direct your inquiries to the corresponding contact person in charge.
To make an inquiry in writing offers two advantages: You have a proving document in hands, and we have the possibility to collect the necessary information before giving you a reply instead of giving you only an estimated answer.

A facsimilie, an e-mail or a letter directed to the corresponding person are our guarantees for a more precise and prompt answer.

Boardinghouse in englisch Boardinghouse in englisch

Im 27 years old. I was born in Ljubljana and I was living there my total life. Now Im working as a craftsman and give the keys for new ap. to our guests.

Workplace craftsman

Helga Pietsch
Boardinghouse in englisch Boardinghouse in englisch

Since 1991, Im working for Jrgen Wolff companies.
My responsibilities are all questions of organisation like co-workers,. administration You can reach me every day between 9.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Workplace Helga Pietsch office management

Private: I was born on October 31, 1951.
My zodiacal sign, hence, is that of a scorpion. I am married and have got a son. In addition to my professional work and that as a housewife, I still find some time for honorary work as a member of the managing committee of our local citizens association.
I like to read good books too on all kinds of subject matter.
Carrying for the garden and my plants is among my favourite activities about at flea-markets.
Considerable parts of my private life are spent in bowling centres, cinemas or in front of the computer. I often go on holidays with a long time friend, and we are also very fond of "good food".

Phone connection -19

Olaf Schelski

Im working in the office as a freelancer, is responsible for all kind of office work and purchasing like registration, payments in the software, the cash box.
If you want to call Ill bee there on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Workplace Olaf Schelski office electricity gas water Forwarders


Phone connection -21

Valerij Peters
Boardinghouse in german russisch


I was born in Kasachstan, formerly Russia, but Im living in Germany since 20 years. Now I repair and renovate all The stuff, which somebody broke, lost or destroyed.

Workplace craftsman

Jrgen Wolff
Boardinghouse in englisch Boardinghouse in het Nederlands Boardinghouse in englisch france
Stanze o Appartementi per Lavoratori Istallatori da 10 Euro Boardinghouse por trabachadores espagnol

I am the managing director of the GmbH. I was born in Cologne in 1964 where I have been living ever since (with the exception of the time devoted to a subsidiary company in Berlin from 1984 through 1988, in Antwerp from 1992 up to 1993 and area of Zurich between 2006 and 2009).
My main tasks are acquisition and sales.

Workplace Jrgen Wolff Jrgen Wolff Attorney Rental service Jrgen Wolff Google

Private: I am single - one of the consequences one has to bear in case of 70+ working hours a week.
If indeed there is some time left, this is mostly spent with a book or a good meal or on the sports field where I try to get rid of some surplus calories.

Tabo Asanji Tabo Asanji

And these are our houses: 1km far away from the boarder of Cologne, 16 rooms on 250m.

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