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acconodations room for workers Cologne flats

Are you looking work for refugees.

Are you looking for fitters rooms for your workers in Germany?

Our houses are in Bonn and in fitter sroom Troisdorf in the south of room for workers Cologne

In North Rhine Westphalia (in German Fitters room Nordrhine-Westphalia) we offer rooms, accommodating at least 3 guests, all over Germany up to 200 workers.

 fitter room Aachenfitter room Aachen
accomodation Augsburgaccomodation Augsburg
 Fitters' room AldenhovenFitters' room Aldenhoven
Monteurzimmer Aachen flats Aachen-Laurensberg
Lodging Aachen-Mitte Accomodations Aalen
rooms Achim housing Ahaus
boardinghouse Ahlen rooms Ahrensburg
rooms Ahrensfelde fitters room Aldenhoven
boardinghouse Alfter Accomodations Alpen
quarters Alsdorf guesthouse Alsfeld
flats Altena fitters room in Altenahr
guesthouse Altenberge fitters room Altenkirchen
guesthouse in Altötting boardinghouse Alzenau
fitters room Alzey quarters Amberg
guesthouse Amsterdam fitters room Andechs
Accomodations Andernach rooms Ansbach
fitters room in Antwerpen boardinghouse Arnheim
fitters room Arnsberg guesthouse in Arnstadt
Accomodations Asbach am Rhein guesthouse Aschaffenburg
boardinghouse Ascheberg flats Attendorn
rooms Augsburg am Lech rooms Aurich


Rooms Bergisch GladbachRooms Bergisch Gladbach
guest house Berlinguesthouse Berlin
fitter's room Bielefeldfitter's room Bielefeld

fitters apartment Babenhausen fitters room Bad Bentheim
housing Bad Berleburg fitters room in Bad Breisig am Rhein
boardinghouse Bad Camberg fitters room Bad Dürkheim
guesthouse in Bad Ems Accomodations Bad Hersfeld
quarters Bad Homburg guesthouse Bad Honnef
boardinghouse Bad Hönningen boardinghouse Bad Kreuznach
flats Bad Laasphe rooms Bad Münstereifel
Möblierte rooms Bad Neuenahr fitters room in Bad Saarow
guesthouse in Bad Salzuflen guesthouse in Bad Schwalbach
fitters room Bad Soden rooms Bad Vilbel
housing Baden-Baden housing Baden-Württemberg
fitters room in Baesweiler quarters Balve
guesthouse Bamberg flats Bargteheide
boardinghouse Barsbüttel temporary living Basel
fitters room Bautzen Accomodations Bayern
Accomodations Bayreuth quarters Bebra
guesthouse in Beckum Accomodations Bedburg
flats Bedburg Hau flats Bedburg Kirchherten
flats Bedburg Kirchtroisdorf flats Bedburg Pütz
rooms Bendorf guesthouse Berchtesgaden
housing Berg fitters room in Berg Bachhausen
quarters Bergheim flats Bergheim-Niederaußem
guesthouse Bergheim Quadrat Ichendorf guesthouse in Bergisch Gladbach
fitters room Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg Möblierte rooms Bergkamen
Monteurszimmer Bergneustadt housing Berlin
fitters room Berlin-Blankenburg housing Berlin-Blankenfelde
rooms Berlin-Buch Accomodations Berlin-Charlottenburg
rooms Berlin-Dahlem fitters room Berlin-Falkenhagener Feld
rooms Berlin-Französisch Buchholz fitters room Berlin-Friedenau
rooms Berlin-Friedrichshain fitters room Berlin-Gatow
rooms Berlin-Gesundbrunnen fitters room Berlin-Grunewald
rooms Berlin-Hakenfelde fitters room Berlin-Halensee
rooms Berlin-Hansaviertel fitters room Berlin-Haselhorst
rooms Berlin-Heinersdorf fitters room Berlin-Karow
rooms Berlin-Kladow fitters room Berlin-Köpenick
rooms Berlin-Kreuzberg fitters room Berlin-Lankwitz
rooms Berlin-Lichtenberg fitters room Berlin-Lichtenrade
rooms Berlin-Lichterfelde fitters room Berlin-Malchow
rooms Berlin-Mariendorf fitters room Berlin-Marienfelde
rooms Berlin-Marzahn-Hellersdorf fitters room Berlin-Mitte
rooms Berlin-Moabit fitters room Berlin-Neukölln
rooms Berlin-Niederschönhausen fitters room Berlin-Pankow
rooms Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg fitters room Berlin-Reinickendorf
rooms Berlin-Rosenthal fitters room Berlin-Rudow
rooms Berlin-Schmargendorf fitters room Berlin-Schöneberg
rooms Berlin-Siemensstadt fitters room Berlin-Spandau
rooms Berlin-Staaken fitters room Berlin-Steglitz
rooms Berlin-Tempelhof fitters room Berlin-Tiergarten
rooms Berlin-Treptow fitters room Berlin-Wannsee
rooms Berlin-Wedding fitters room Berlin-Weißensee
rooms Berlin-Westend fitters room Berlin-Wilhelmsruh
rooms Berlin-Wilhelmstadt fitters room Berlin-Wilmersdorf
rooms Berlin-Zehlendorf flats Biberach an der Riss
rooms Biblis boardinghouse Bielefeld
rooms Billerbeck temporary living Bingen
guesthouse Birken Accomodations Bischofsheim am Main
quarters Bitterfeld fitters room in Blankenheim
Accomodations Bobingen fitters room Böblingen
guesthouse in Bocholt housing Bochum
rooms Böhlen fitters room Boltenhagen
temporary living Boenen fitters room Bonn
Handwerkerzimmer Bonn-Bad-Godesberg housing Bonn-Beuel-Mitte
Handwerkerzimmer Bonn-Duisdorf housing Bonn-Hardtberg
Handwerkerzimmer Bonn-Tannenbusch housing Boppard
fitters room Borken flats Borna
fitters room in Bornheim Monteurszimmer Bottrop
housing Bovenden flats Bramsche
Accomodations Brandenburg temporary living Brandenburg an der Havel
fitters room Braunfels guesthouse in Braunschweig
fitters room Breckerfeld rooms Breda
boardinghouse Bremen fitters room in Bremerhaven
guesthouse in Brilon Accomodations Bruchköbel
rooms Bruchsal temporary living Brugg
Monteurapartement Brüggen fitters room Brühl
Monteurapartement Brunsbüttel quarters Brüssel
guesthouse Buchholz housing Bühlerzell
boardinghouse Bünde quarters Burbach
guesthouse Burghausen flats Burglahr
fitters room in Burscheid Möblierte rooms Buseck
Monteurszimmer Büsum housing Büttelborn
guesthouse in Büttgen housing Butzbach


Guest rooms CottbusGuest rooms Cottbus
Fitters' rooms Castrop RauxelFitters' rooms Castrop Rauxel
housing Cellehousing Celle

rooms Castrop-Rauxel fitters room Celle
quarters Chemnitz fitters room in Cloppenburg
flats Coburg Accomodations Cochem
guesthouse in Coesfeld quarters Cottbus
boardinghouse Crailsheim guesthouse Cuxhaven

Cheap fitter apartment Germany fitter accommodation

Fitters' apartment Darmstadt Fitters' apartment Darmstadt
housing Dormtundhousing Dormtund
fitter apartment Duisburg fitter apartment Duisburg

boardinghouse Dachau fitters room Dahlem
flats Darmstadt temporary living Dasing
rooms Datteln housing Daun
Möblierte rooms Dedenbach quarters Deggendorf
Monteurszimmer Delbrück flats Delmenhorst
housing Dessau fitters room in Detmold
guesthouse in Dieburg boardinghouse Diepholz
guesthouse Dierdorf temporary living Dietzenbach
fitters room Diez an der Lahn Accomodations Dillenburg
guesthouse Dingolfing rooms Dinkelsbühl
fitters room Dinklage Accomodations Dinslaken
fitters room Dissen Accomodations Dordrecht
guesthouse Dormagen boardinghouse Dorsten
flats Dortmund fitters room in Drensteinfurt
Möblierte rooms Dresden Monteurszimmer Drolshagen
housing Duisburg boardinghouse Duisburg-Buchholz
housing Duisburg-Duissern Monteurszimmer Duisburg-Hamborn
housing Duisburg-Mitte Monteurszimmer Duisburg-Rheinhausen
housing Duisburg-Ruhrort Monteurszimmer Duisburg-Walsum
Monteurapartement Dülmen guesthouse in Düren
Monteurapartement Düren-Birkesdorf housing Düsseldorf
Monteurapartement Düsseldorf-Angermund housing Düsseldorf-Benrath
fitters room Düsseldorf-Bilk rooms Düsseldorf-Carlstadt
fitters room Düsseldorf-City rooms Düsseldorf-Derendorf
fitters room Düsseldorf-Düsseltal rooms Düsseldorf-Eller
fitters room Düsseldorf-Flehe rooms Düsseldorf-Flingern
fitters room Düsseldorf-Flughafen rooms Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt
fitters room Düsseldorf-Garath rooms Düsseldorf-Gerresheim
fitters room Düsseldorf-Golzheim rooms Düsseldorf-Grafenberg
fitters room Düsseldorf-Hafen rooms Düsseldorf-Hamm
fitters room Düsseldorf-Hassels rooms Düsseldorf-Heerdt
fitters room Düsseldorf-Hellerhof rooms Düsseldorf-Himmelgeist
fitters room Düsseldorf-Holthausen rooms Düsseldorf-Hubbelrath
fitters room Düsseldorf-Itter rooms Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth
fitters room Düsseldorf-Kalkum rooms Düsseldorf-Lichtenbroich
fitters room Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld rooms Düsseldorf-Lohausen
fitters room Düsseldorf-Lörick rooms Düsseldorf-Ludenberg
Unterkunft Düsseldorf-Messezimmer
fitters room Düsseldorf-Mörsenbroich rooms Düsseldorf-Niederkassel
fitters room Düsseldorf-Oberbilk rooms Düsseldorf-Oberkassel
fitters room Düsseldorf-Pempelfort rooms Düsseldorf-Rath
fitters room Düsseldorf-Reisholz rooms Düsseldorf-Stockum
fitters room Düsseldorf-Unterbach rooms Düsseldorf-Unterbilk
fitters room Düsseldorf-Unterrath rooms Düsseldorf-Urdenbach
fitters room Düsseldorf-Vennhausen rooms Düsseldorf-Volmerswerth
fitters room Düsseldorf-Wersten rooms Düsseldorf-Wittlaer

Furnished rooms Germany guesthouse FeWo Apartment

housing Hallbergmooshousing Hallbergmoos
flats Haltern am Seeflats Haltern am See
fitter apartment Halle an der Saalefitter apartment Halle an der Saale

quarters Haan guesthouse Hagen
temporary living Hallbergmoos temporary living Halle Westfalen
fitters room Halle/Saale housing Hallenberg
temporary living Haltern am See quarters Halver
Accomodations Hamburg flats Hameln
guesthouse in Hamm fitters room Hammersbach
rooms Hamminkeln housing Hanau
fitters room in Hannover quarters Harsewinkel
Accomodations in Hattersheim am Main flats Hattingen
Accomodations Havixbeck guesthouse in Heckenbach
Accomodations Heek fitters room Heerlen
rooms Heide boardinghouse Heidelberg am Neckar
boardinghouse Heiden fitters room Heidenheim
boardinghouse Heidenrod Accomodations Heilbronn
quarters Heiligenhaus guesthouse Heimbach
fitters room in Heimstetten quarters Heinsberg
fitters room Hellenthal Gastzimmer Hemer
housing Hennef guesthouse in Heppenheim
housing Herborn quarters Herdecke an der Ruhr
Möblierte rooms Herford flats Herne
rooms Heroldsbach Accomodations Herscheid
fitters room in Herten Accomodations Herzebrock-Clarholz
quarters Herzogenaurach fitters room Herzogenrath
fitters room Hessen guesthouse in Hilchenbach
housing Hilden Handwerkerzimmer Hildesheim
guesthouse Hochheim am Main flats Höchstadt
Möblierte Wohnung Hof rooms Hofheim
rooms Höhr-Grenzhausen Möblierte rooms Holzkirchen
boardinghouse Homburg temporary living Hooksiel
fitters room in Hörstel Zimmervermittlung Hövelhof
fitters room Höxter fitters room Hoyerswerda
guesthouse in Hückelhoven housing Hückeswagen
Möblierte Wohnung Hünxe quarters Hürtgenwald
guesthouse Hürth flats Husum

Fitters' rooms JackerathFitters' rooms Jackerath
Fitters' apartment JüchenFitters' apartment Jüchen
Guest rooms JenaGuest rooms Jena

fitter room Jackerath accomodation Jena
boardinghouse Jüchen Lodging Julich

housing Kasselhousing Kassel
quarters Kalchreuthquarters Kalchreuth
fitter apartment Kerkenfitter apartment Kerken

fitters room Kaarst rooms Kaarst-Büttgen
Accomodations Kaiserslautern housing Kalchreuth
quarters Kalkar guesthouse Kall
boardinghouse Kamen flats Kamenz
fitters room in Kamp-Lintfort Möblierte rooms Karlsfeld
fitters room Karlsruhe guesthouse in boardinghouse Kassel
temporary living Kaufbeuren fitters room Kelkheim
Accomodations Kempen rooms Kempten im Allgäu
Accomodations Kerken fitters room in Kerpen
Accomodations Kerpen-Horrem fitters room Kerpen-Sindorf
boardinghouse Kestert fitters room Kevelaer
flats Kiel housing Kierspe
quarters Kirchhundem Monteurszimmer Kirchtroisdorf
flats Kleinheubach fitters room Kleve
guesthouse Kobern-Gondorf guesthouse in Koblenz
fitters room Koblenz-Güls fitters room Koblenz Karthause
rooms Koblenz-Moselweiß fitters room Koblenz Rübenach
Monteuzimmer Köln rooms Köln linksrheinisch
Monteuzimmer Köln rechtsrheinisch rooms Köln-Bayenthal
Monteuzimmer Köln-Bickendorf rooms Köln-Bilderstöckchen
Monteuzimmer Köln-Blumenberg rooms Köln-Bocklemünd/Mengenich
Monteuzimmer Köln-Braunsfeld rooms Köln-Brück
Monteuzimmer Köln-Buchforst rooms Köln-Buchheim
Monteuzimmer Köln-Chorweiler rooms Köln-City
Monteuzimmer Köln-Dellbrück rooms Köln-Deutz
Monteuzimmer Köln-Dünnwald rooms Köln-Ehrenfeld
Monteuzimmer Köln-Esch/Auweiler rooms Köln-Flittard
Monteuzimmer Köln-Fühlingen rooms Köln-Godorf
Monteuzimmer Köln-Gremberg rooms Köln-Hahnwald
Monteuzimmer Köln-Heimersdorf rooms Köln-Höhenberg
Monteuzimmer Köln-Höhenhaus rooms Köln-Holweide
Monteuzimmer Köln-Junkersdorf rooms Köln-Kalk
Monteuzimmer Köln-Klettenberg rooms Köln-Lindenthal
Monteuzimmer Köln-Lindweiler rooms Köln-Longerich
Monteuzimmer Köln-Lövenich rooms Köln-Marienburg
Monteuzimmer Köln-Marsdorf rooms Köln-Mauenburg
Monteuzimmer Köln-Merheim rooms Köln-Merkenich
Monteuzimmer Köln-Meschenich rooms Köln-Mülheim
Monteuzimmer Köln-Müngersdorf rooms Köln-Neustadt
Monteuzimmer Köln-Niehl rooms Köln-Nippes
Monteuzimmer Köln-Ossendorf rooms Köln-Ostheim
Monteuzimmer Köln-Pesch rooms Köln-Poll
Monteuzimmer Köln-Porz rooms Köln-Raderberg
Monteuzimmer Köln-Raderthal rooms Köln-Rath/Heumar
Monteuzimmer Köln-Riehl rooms Köln-Rodenkirchen
Monteuzimmer Köln-Roggendorf/Thenhoven rooms Köln-Rondorf
Monteuzimmer Köln-Seeberg rooms Köln-Stammheim
Monteuzimmer Köln-Sülz rooms Köln-Sürth
Monteuzimmer Köln-Vingst rooms Köln-Vogelsang
Monteuzimmer Köln-Volkhoven/Weiler rooms Köln-Wahn
Monteuzimmer Köln-Weiden rooms Köln-Weidenpesch
Monteuzimmer Köln-Weiß rooms Köln-Widdersdorf
Monteuzimmer Köln-Worringen rooms Köln-Zollstock
quarters Königsfeld guesthouse Königstein
Accomodations Königswinter rooms Konstanz
boardinghouse Konz flats Korschenbroich
fitters room Kranenburg housing Krefeld
flats Krefeld-Bockum flats Krefeld-Cracau
flats Krefeld-Dießem-Lehmheide flats Krefeld-Fischeln
flats Krefeld-Hüls flats Krefeld-Inrath-Kliedbruch
flats Krefeld-Oppum-Linn housing Krefeld-Uerdingen
fitters room in Kreuzau boardinghouse Kreuztal
fitters room Kronberg quarters Kulmbach
fitters room Kürten flats Kusel

Furnished accommodation ZZIV fitter apartments

rooms Markkleebergrooms Markkleeberg
flats Mannheimflats Mannheim
guesthouse Morfeldenguesthouse Morfelden

fitters room Maastricht housing Magdeburg
rooms Mahlberg boardinghouse Maintal
quarters Mainz fitters room Mainz-Gonsenheim
quarters Mainz-Mombach flats Mannheim
fitters room in Marburg Möblierte rooms Marienheide
guesthouse in Markkleeberg boardinghouse Marktredwitz
temporary living Marl flats Mayen
fitters room Mechernich Accomodations Meckenheim
fitters room Mecklenburg-Vorpommern rooms Medebach
Accomodations Meerbusch quarters Mehlingen
fitters room Meinerzhagen housing Memmingen
fitters room in Menden quarters Mendig
fitters room Meppen boardinghouse Mering
quarters Merzenich flats Mettlach
guesthouse in Mettmann Möblierte rooms Minden
Monteurszimmer Moers boardinghouse Möhnesee
temporary living Mönchengladbach fitters room Mönchengladbach-Eicken
temporary living Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen fitters room Mönchengladbach-Gladbach
Accomodations Mönchengladbach-Odenkirchen rooms Mönchengladbach-Rheydt
boardinghouse Monheim am Rhein flats Monschau
rooms Montabaur fitters room Moosburg an der Isar
housing Mörfelden fitters room in Morsbach
boardinghouse Much quarters Mühlheim am Main
flats Mülheim an der Ruhr boardinghouse Mülheim-Kärlich
fitters room München quarters München-Altstadt Lehel
fitters room München-Milbertshofen boardinghouse Münschen Schwabing-Freimann
fitters room München-Trudering-Riem rooms Münster
guesthouse in Munster boardinghouse Münster bei Dieburg
guesthouse Münster-Gievenbeck boardinghouse Münster-Rumphorst
rooms Münster-Uppenberg

Guest rooms Quadrath IchendorfGuest rooms Quadrath Ichendorf

Lodging Bergheim Quadrat Ichendorf

Dormitory Germany Temporary accommodation for workers

quarters Radevormwaldquarters Radevormwald
housing Raesfeldhousing Raesfeld
fitter apartment Dattelnfitter apartment Ratzeburg

housing Radevormwald Accomodationsen Raesfeld
rooms Ransbach-Baumbach boardinghouse Rastatt
quarters Ratingen flats Ratzeburg
housing Raunheim Monteurszimmer Recklinghausen
housing Rees fitters room in Regensburg
boardinghouse Reichshof-Eckenhagen guesthouse in Remagen am Rhein
Monteurunterkünfte Remscheid boardinghouse Rengsdorf
Accomodations Reutlingen rooms Rheda-Wiedenbrück
housing Rhede Accomodations Rhein-Erft-Kreis
fitters room Rhein-Sieg-Kreis temporary living Rheinbach
Accomodations Rheinberg fitters room in Rheine
Accomodations Rheinfelden temporary living Rheinland
quarters Rheinland-Pfalz guesthouse in Rheurdt
fitters room Rietberg quarters Rödermark
housing Roermond Möblierte Wohnung Roetgen
Personalrooms Rommerskirchen quarters Rosengarten
rooms Rosenheim quarters Rosenthal
Handwerkerzimmer Rösrath quarters Rostock
fitters room in Roth Möblierte rooms Rotterdam
Monteurszimmer Rottweil housing Rüdersdorf
fitters room Rüdesheim guesthouse in Rudolstadt
boardinghouse Ruppichteroth temporary living Rüsselsheim


flats Saarburg
flats Saarburg
rooms Sankt Leon-Rotrooms Sankt Leon-Rot
guesthouse Schkeuditzguesthouse Schkeuditz

Accomodations Saarbrücken housing Saarburg
rooms Saarland Accomodationsen Saarlouis
quarters Sachsen rooms Sachsen-Anhalt
Accomodations Saerbeck temporary living Salzburg
quarters Salzgitter housing Sankt Augustin
fitters room in Sankt Gallen rooms Sankt Katharinen
quarters Sankt Leon-Rot housing Sankt Wendel
flats Sauerlach guesthouse in Schalkenbach
Accomodations Schalksmühle boardinghouse Schelklingen
boardinghouse Schermbeck Accomodations Schifferstadt
quarters Schkeuditz rooms Schlangenbad
guesthouse Schleiden quarters Schleswig-Holstein
rooms Schmallenberg fitters room in Schmitten
boardinghouse Schopfheim guesthouse Schüttorf
flats Schwabach housing Schwäbisch Gmünd
quarters Schwalmtal guesthouse in Schwarzenbek
boardinghouse Schwarzheide flats Schwedt
rooms Schweinfurt Möblierte rooms Schwelm
fitters room Schwerin boardinghouse Schwerte
flats Schetzingen Accomodations Seevetal
guesthouse in Selfkant boardinghouse Sellin Ostseebad
fitters room in Selm boardinghouse Selters
fitters room Senden flats Sendenhorst
Monteurapartment Siegburg guesthouse in Siegen
housing Simmerath Möblierte rooms Sindelfingen
Monteurszimmer Singen housing Sinsheim
flats Sinzig rooms Sögel
Möblierte rooms Solingen flats Solothurn
Haus Soltau boardinghouse Sonsbeck
Monteurapartment Spenge Accomodations Speyer
quarters Sprockhövel guesthouse in Stade
flats Stadtlohn temporary living Starnberg
Accomodations Stavern quarters Steinfurt
Möblierte rooms Steinhagen quarters Stendal
guesthouse in Stockach rooms Stolberg
Monteurszimmer Straelen fitters room in Stralsund
Monteurapartment Stuttgart fitters room Südlohn
quarters Suhl guesthouse in Sulzbach
Handwerkerzimmer Swisttal flats Sylt

Rooms available Germany pension

Accommodation for mechanics WachtendonkAccommodation for mechanics Wachtendonk
fitter's room Wadernfitter's room Wadern
Temporary living Waldshut-Tiengentemporary living Waldshut-Tiengen

fitters room Wachtberg housing Wachtendonk
fitters room in Wadern boardinghouse Wadersloh
quarters Waghäusel flats Waiblingen
guesthouse in Waldaschaff Möblierte rooms Waldbröl
Monteurszimmer Waldems boardinghouse Waldfeucht
Personalrooms Waldshut-Tiengen housing Walsrode
fitters room Waltrop flats Wangerland
Accomodations Warendorf rooms Warstein
quarters Wassenberg guesthouse in Weert
flats Weeze Möblierte rooms Wegberg
Monteurszimmer Weiden Monteurapartement Weil am Rhein
quarters Weilerswist fitters room Weimar
fitters room in Weisendorf Accomodations Weißenfels
rooms Weisenheim am Sand rooms Weißenthurm
boardinghouse Wendelstein quarters Wenden
guesthouse Werdohl quarters Werl
Accomodations in Wermelskirchen fitters room in Werne
boardinghouse Wesel Accomodationsen Wesseling
Accomodations Wesseling-Urfeld fitters room Wetter
Accomodationsen Wettringen housing Wetzlar
Homefortime Wickede fitters room Wiehl
quarters Wiesbaden fitters room Wiesbaden-Biebrich
quarters Wiesbaden-Dotzheim fitters room Wiesbaden-Erbenheim
flats Wilhelmshaven Homeflat 24 Willich
guesthouse in Wilnsdorf rooms Windeck
boardinghouse Windhagen fitters room Winterberg
guesthouse in Wipperfürth Accomodations Wismar
fitters room in Witten Accomodations Wittlich
quarters Wolfenbüttel fitters room Wolfsburg
housing Woltersdorf Accomodations Worms
quarters Wülfrath fitters room Wuppertal
quarters Wuppertal-Barmen fitters room in Wuppertal-Elberfeld
rooms Würselen guesthouse in Würzburg

Fitters' apartment XantenFitters' apartment Xanten

Lodging Xanten

From 389 per guest and month we offer your domestic and foreign technicians a good accomodation in almost 20 German cities.

room for workers Dusseldorf accomodation

Fitter's room Dusseldorf Fitters' rooms Dusseldorf Fitter's room Dusseldorf
Fitter's room Dusseldorf Fitters' rooms Dusseldorf Fitter's room Dusseldorf

Often we have in more as 100 cities a possibility directly or next to the centre.
Here your workers may use public transport.
or you take a flat 20km away, then it's cheaper, e.g. the cheap proposition is fitters room Krefeld.

Fitters' rooms Düsseldorf
Fitters' rooms Düsseldorf

We have guest rooms Wiesbaden, apartment for craftsmen Monchengladbach, staff rooms Gelsenkirchen and accommodation for fitters Braunshweig.

fitters room Hamburg flats

Fitters' rooms Dusseldorf
Fitters' rooms Dusseldorf
The minimum rental term to companies is 1500€ rent, because of this reason our rent is really, really low.
With us you'll save money and time, which you may use for something else.

So if you need rooms for your technicians in many major German cities likerooms Frankfurt, Rooms in Bremen and Hundreds of other cities and towns, we're the right partners for you.

Important for you:

To the honour of Queen Elizabeth II
Berlin British embassy - to the honour of Queen Elizabeth II
We charge you no commission, no fee!!

We'offer you fitters room, the German name is Monteurzimmer, throughout Germany for work in domestic and foreign companies.
Therefore we arrange accommodation, beds, registration depending on your needs.
We know precisely what distinguishes a good Relocator.
Fitter's room in Frankfurt Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt  Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt
Fitter's room in Frankfurt Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt
Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt

fitters room Berlin flats

In cities likefitters room Berlin orflat Hamburg, Hostel Frankfurt, room for workers Stuttgart or flats in Munich we have a wide range of opportunities for your workers:
from cheap and central locations in the city to relaxing apartments at the boarder of these cities.

We will register your foreign staff at the registration office and trade office.

It is for the workers from EU countries, including Romania and Bulgaria, other rules than for Croats, Serbs, Ukrainians, American or Swiss, etc.

 Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt Monteurzimmer von Königing Elisabeth II - so stellt sich Künstliche Intelligenz das vor

Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt
Monteurzimmer von Königing Elisabeth II - so stellt sich Künstliche Intelligenz das vor

From 20 € per person and registration of EU citizens (European Union) we deliver you everything you need free of charge.
For your staff outside the EU, we do this work at cost.

We deliver complete: included mail box sign for the post of authority for up to 200 people.
Here you may rent a complete house from us with 2,5 floors and in total 5 rooms.
It's directly in the heart of apartments Bonn Bad Godesberg , next to the Saudi Arabian school, a mosq and many supermarkets and embassies.
Cheap apartments Duisburg dormitory Munich accomodation flats
Route discription:
Boardinghouse and administration for Monteurzimmer
If you come by car ...
from the highway A4, A1 from Aachen :

Go sit on the A4/E40 towards Koln, then the ramp to A3/E35 in Frankfurt.
Take the exit towards Roesrath Lohmar, Nord exit.
Then turn to the right and head toward Sulztalstrasse A3/ direction Siegburg.
Go on more on L288 for about 1 km.
go on more on creek road, then continue on the L288 for about 1.5 km.
Then turn right onto Flughafenstrasse. Follow the road for about 1 km.

Your destination> Flughafen Strasse 61

from the A3 from Frankfurt,:

Take the exit towards Roesrath North.
On the left side onto the ramp to the L288.
Turn left onto L288 and follow the road for about 1 km.
Then turn left onto Flughafenstrasse. Follow the road for about 1 km.

Your destination> Flughafenstrasse 63

Hopefully these directions will help you find us better and more convenient. Welcome to Mc Zimmervermnietung. We wish you a pleasant arrival and stay in rooms Troisdorf .

By public transport.

Go to the main train station in Bonn, even better to Cologne.
There you shall use the S-Bahn (S-train) to the main-station in Troisdorf It takes about 20 minutes from each city.

There, on the bus, towards Altenrath (currently No. 506, but the best check on the spot) which lasts about 15 minutes.

Get off at Altenrath (2. stop), take the right of the roundabout, turn into the airport road (Flughafenstrasse) and walk 100 meters. Our houses are then on your left.

Here you have the boardinghouse if you stay there for minimum two months.
Our boardinghouse boardinghouses in Düsseldorf , fitters room Bergheim , and more cities will be organized as well from here.

Let us make you a free offer for 60,000 rooms for fitters in Germany.
- How do you want to explain to your boss why you book somewhere else more expensively?
- We are the cheapest provider for rooms for fitters in Germany.

Flexibility is possible. .
But only with more vacancies in the apartments. And then the rent goes up.
Therefore: the more precise the booking, the cheaper the rent.
An example: .
the rent for 6-10 tenants during April is higher than 8 tenants in 3 rooms from 3.4. until 3.5.
Book early!!!
If you book our furnished rooms Germany 14 days before the start, there are more cheap rooms than just 2 or 3 days before.
Our cheapest guest rooms in Germany are often booked months in advance by our tenants.
So they have been occupied for several months in midsummer.
You can also decide whether it is more cheap or more beautiful. .
For 15.99 euros per night there is no living room or lounge.
We also offer that, then with a rent from approx. 33 to 55 euros. per night.
Book our furnished fitter apartments Germany between winter and spring.
Then the rents are often 40% cheaper than in the days after Easter until November.
Key handover on Sunday or with only 1-2 days notice is possible.
But they are significantly more expensive than with 2 months of planning and e.g. on Monday afternoons during office hours.
We give you the keys at no extra cost until 9 p.m. during the week and until 8 p.m. on Sundays.
If you order in advance, we can offer internet everywhere in all German districts.
That costs 150 euros. per apartment/month.
One solution: for long-term rentals and short-term bookings: .
book something medium-priced for a few days and then move to cheap fitter apartments in Germany after 2-6 weeks.
Why email inquiries are 10x better than phone calls?

What are fitter rooms in Germany?
How much does a fitter's room cost in Germany?

A fitter's room is a simply furnished room in a mostly 2- or 3-room fitter's apartment.
Only 1 of 20 apartments is a 1-room fitter apartment in Germany.
The rents usually vary between 14 euros for shared rooms and 26 to 50 euros for single rooms. Here the ancillary costs are significantly higher because all costs for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway are allocated to one room.
Only every 20th furnished apartment for workers in Germany has at least 4 rooms.
They are not loved that much. .
A fitter's room offers more privacy than a room in a dorm. On the other hand, fitter rooms are cheaper than a holiday room or guest accommodation.
Difference #2: Fitter rooms don't have double beds. All beds are single beds = separate beds.
The word Monteurzimmer Germany is used by most.
Some colleagues use the word anyway, who run a pension Germany instead. In the pension in Germany, the kitchen is usually missing. It's typical for fitter's rooms.

Therefore, always ask us about important details beforehand.
For you as a tenant is probably important:
Do you want your employees to be in a fitter's apartment with other guests?
If not, there is the

Our employee lives in Berlin and therefore needs 40 minutes to get to the fitter apartments in Germany.
But sometimes the man has other work.
Therefore, arrange the exact time for handing over the keys at least 3, better 5 hours in advance.
If your colleagues are already standing in front of our fitter apartments in Germany and only then call, they can't be there immediately. .

Where is a dormitory in Germany?

We do not offer a hall of residence in Germany.
The next dormitory is in Berlin.
It is not clearly recommended.
Workers' dormitories are mostly located in big cities.
Our neighbors in Berlin are booming.
Prices in Berlin have more than doubled since 2013...
The population is increasing and increasing, so there is construction: new apartments, offices and warehouses, etc. Many workers move there. This increases our demand.
In general, the bathroom and kitchen are shared by several guests who have their rooms in the hallway. The furniture is very, very basic, the kitchen almost never has crockery and cutlery.
The dorm rooms sleep three to eight guests.
These are the cheapest temporary accommodations in Germany.
From €14.99 per night.

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