Rooms for workers Cologne furnished flat

Rooms for workers in Cologne are the best solution for companies with workmen working in Cologne (Koeln, Koln, Colonia, Kjeln,. Kolony nad Rynem) , which are looking for  an inexpensive and central place to stay.
Workers rooms are suitable for assembly workers, installers, workmen, craftsmen and especially temporary workers from both sexes.

Ihr eigenes Privatschwimmbad Unsere hauseigene Sauna Köln City Blick über die Stadt
Ihr eigenes Privatschwimmbad
welches Kölner Monteurzimmer
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Unsere hauseigene Sauna
welches Kölner Monteurzimmer
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Köln City
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A single room Cologne for workers is generally far cheaper than a total flat for workers, so this saves on unnecessary costs.

Monteurhotel Cologne Colonia accommodation

Many workers spend little time in their flats, because they’re working a lot. The space of one room is usually sufficient. Our prices are the lowest on the markets, but we expect a minimum rent about 1500 Euro too and minimum 3 guests. We do just business with companies from the European Union and Switzerland.
Our rooms are always cheap and clean and well-kept if you arrive. In 99% of the contracts the workers clean their rooms during their stay for themselves, but we may offer it as a service too.

Furnished rooms for workers are generally modest, as workers do not attach much importance to elaborate decoration. Our furniture is stable.

Köln Ehrenfeld Partyraum im 31. Stock Betten MonteurzimmerOlpener Stras&zlig;e
Köln Ehrenfeld
Partyraum im 31. Stock
Monteurunterkunft Köln Mehrheim
Olpener Stras&zlig;e

Worker’s rooms Cologne furnished accommodation

We installed a kitchen with cooking facilities and 500 small things like spoons, forks, plates and many more in each ap. . This a great advantage for your co-workers . Here they can make their own meals. They saves money as they can cook for themselves and do not need to visit restaurants.

Most workers consider a comfortable bed for sleeping, internet access with Wifi and their own television are making an  ideal worker’s room.
Freely available towels and bedding provided by the hotel are also very welcome as this means the workers will not have to bring their own. A parking space for the work car directly outside the accommodation is mostly free of charge.

Schlafzimmer Olpener Stras&zlig;e Schlafzimmer Olpener Stras&zlig;e Küche Monteurwohnung Olpener Stras&zlig;e
Monteurzimmer Köln Mehrheim Olpener Stras&zlig;e
Olpener Stras&zlig;e Köln Mehrheim
Küche Monteurwohnung
Olpener Stras&zlig;e Köln Mehrheim

Workers apartments Cologne cheap rooms

On our online portal (better quality) or (lower quality and cheaper)
is a big selection of suitable rooms for workers and other worker accommodation in many cities throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.  In the accommodation adverts on our portals you’ll find several Thousand photos of the accommodation, detailed descriptions of facilities, overnight prices and our contact data for the particular landlord and from us.

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