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room for workers Cologne flats

Are you looking for fitters rooms for your workers in Germany?

Our houses are in Bonn and in fitter sroom Troisdorf in the south of room for workers Cologne

In North Rhine Westphalia (in German Fitters room Nordrhine-Westphalia) we offer rooms, accommodating at least 3 people, all over Germany up to 200 workers.

From 330 per guest and month we offer your domestic and foreign technicians a good accomodation Dusseldorf, rooms Grevenbroich, Flats Wesseling, Flats Monchengladbach You may choose between 45 ap. just in Cologne . near the airport, near the fair or near the city and many other cities.

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room for workers Dusseldorf accomodation

Fitter's room Dusseldorf Fitter accommodation Dusseldorf Fitter's room Dusseldorf
Fitter's room Dusseldorf Fitter accommodation Dusseldorf Fitter's room Dusseldorf

Often we have in more as 100 cities a possibility directly or next to the centre. Here your workers may use public transport.
or you take a flat 20km away, then it's cheaper, e.g. the cheap proposition is fitters room Krefeld.

Fitter accommodation Dusseldorf
Fitter accommodation Dusseldorf

We have guest rooms Wiesbaden, apartment for craftsmen Mönchengladbach, staff rooms Gelsenkirchen and accommodation for fitters Braunshweig.

fitters room Hamburg flats

For Frankfurt it will be Rooms in Darmstadt.

Fitter accommodation Dusseldorf
Fitter accommodation Dusseldorf

We have apartment for craftsmen Bielefeld, staff rooms Münster, accommodation for fitters Karlsruhe and apartments for fitters Augsburg.

The minimum rental term to companies is 1500€ rent, because of this reason our rent is really, really low.
With us you'll save money and time, which you may use for something else.

So if you need rooms for your technicians in many major German cities likerooms Frankfurt, Rooms in Bremen and Hundreds of other cities and towns, we're the right partners for you.

Important for you:

To the honour of Queen Elizabeth II
To the honour of Queen Elizabeth II
We charge you no commission, no fee!!

We'offer you fitters room, th German name is Monteurzimmer, throughout Germany for work in domestic and foreign companies.
Therefore we arrange accommodation, beds, registration depending on your needs. We know precisely what distinguishes a good Relocator.
Fitter's room in Frankfurt Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt  Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt
Fitter's room in Frankfurt Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt
Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt

We have accommodaitioin for fitters Hannover, apartments for fitters Nürnberg, accommodation for workers Bochum and guest rooms Wuppertal.

fitters room Berlin flats

In cities likefitters room Berlin orflat Hamburg, Hostel Frankfurt, room for workers Stuttgart or flats in Munich we have a wide range of opportunities for your workers: from cheap and central locations in the city to relaxing apartments at the boarder of these cities.

We will register your foreign staff at the registration office and trade office.

It is for the workers from EU countries, including Romania and Bulgaria, other rules than for Croats, Serbs, Ukrainians, American or Swiss, etc.

 Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt

Fitter's apartment in Frankfurt

From 20 € per person and registration of EU citizens (European Union) we deliver you everything you need free of charge.
For your staff outside the EU, we do this work at cost.

We deliver complete: included mail box sign for the post of authority for up to 200 people.
We may do that service in about 20 cities between apartment Bad Honnef and room for workers Duisburg and in other cities like flats in Freiburg ,house in Mannheim , etc.

We have rooms for workers Leipzig, guest rooms Dortmund, apartment for craftsmen Essen and staff rooms Dresden.

Cheap apartmentsBonn accomodation flats
Here you may rent a complete house from us with 2,5 floors and in total 5 rooms.
It's directly in the heart of apartments Bonn Bad Godesberg , next to the Saudi Arabian school, a mosq and many supermarkets and embassies.
Cheap apartments Duisburg dormitory Munich accomodation flats

Route discription: Boardinghouse and administration for Monteurzimmer If you come by car ... from the highway A4, A1 from fitters rooms Aachen :

Go sit on the A4/E40 towards Köln, then the ramp to A3/E35 in Frankfurt, / Main. Take the exit towards Roesrath /fitters room Lohmar -Nord exit.
Then turn to the right and head toward Sülztalstraße A3/ direction rooms Siegburg .
Go on more on L288 for about 1 km.
go on more on creek road, then continue on the L288 for about 1.5 km. Then turn right onto Flughafenstraße. Follow the road for about 1 km.

Your destination> Flughafen Straße 61

from the A3 from Frankfurt,:

Take the exit towards Roesrath North.
On the left side onto the ramp to the L288. Turn left onto L288 and follow the road for about 1 km.
Then turn left onto Flughafenstraße. Follow the road for about 1 km.

Your destination> Flughafenstraße 63

Hopefully these directions will help you find us better and more convenient. Welcome to Mc Zimmervermnietung. We wish you a pleasant arrival and stay in rooms Troisdorf .

By public transport.

Go to the main train station in Bonn, even better to Cologne.
There you shall use the S-Bahn (S-train) to the main-station in Troisdorf (takes about 20 minutes from each city)

There, on the bus, towards Altenrath (currently No. 506, but the best check on the spot) which lasts about 15 minutes.

Get off at Altenrath (2. stop), take the right of the roundabout, turn into the airport road (Flughafenstraße) and walk 100 meters. Our houses are then on your left.

Here you have the boardinghouse if you stay there for minimum two months. The tool workers /craftsmen houses for a shorter stay are in Koln .

Here you may choose between the areas Porz Urbach rooms Cologne Weidenpesch and city,Boardinghouse Cologne Ehrenfeld (next to the university)

Our boardinghouse boardinghouses in Düsseldorf , fitters room Bergheim ,Monteurzimmer Solingen and more cities will be organized as well from here.
 fitter room Aachen accomodation Augsburg boardinghouse Aldenhoven
fitter room Aachen accomodation Augsburg boardinghouse Aldenhoven
Lodging Aachenquarters Aalen
housing Ahausfitter apartment Ahlen
flats Ahrensburgrooms Aldenhoven
guesthouse Alfterfitter's room Alpen
temporary living Alsdorf fitter room Alsfeld
accomodation Altena boardinghouse Altenahr
Lodging Altötting Oberbayern quarters Alzenau
housing Amberg fitter apartment Amsterdam
flats Andechs rooms Andernach
guesthouse Ansbach fitter's room Antwerpen
temporary living Arnheim Arnhem fitter room Arnsberg
accomodation Arnstadt boardinghouse Asbach am Rhein
Lodging Aschaffenburg quarters Ascheberg
housing Attendorn fitter apartment Augsburg am Lech
flats Aurich

rooms Bergisch Gladbach guesthouse Berlin fitter's room Bielefeld
rooms Bergisch Gladbach guesthouse Berlin fitter's room Bielefeld

temporary living Babenhausen fitter room Bad Berleburg
accomodation Bad Breisig am Rhein boardinghouse Bad Camberg
Lodging Bad Dürkheim quarters Bad Ems
housing Bad Hersfeld fitter apartment Bad Homburg
flats Bad Honnefrooms Bad Kreuznach
guesthouse Bad Laasphe fitter's room Bad Münstereifel
temporary living Bad Neuenahr fitter room Bad Saarow
accomodation Bad Salzuflen boardinghouse Bad Soden
Lodging Bad Vilbel quarters Baden-Baden
housing Baesweiler fitter apartment Balve
flats Bamberg rooms Bargteheide
guesthouse Barsbüttel fitter's room Basel
temporary living Bautzenfitter room Bayreuth
accomodation Bebraboardinghouse Beckum
Lodging Bedburg quarters Bedburg Hau
housing Bensbergfitter apartment Berchtesgaden
flats Berg rooms Berg Bachhausen
guesthouse Bergheim fitter's room Bergheim Quadrat Ichendorf
temporary living Bergheim-Niederaußem fitter room Bergisch Gladbach
accomodation Bergkamen boardinghouseBergneustadt
Lodging Berlin quarters Biberach an der Riss
housing Biblis fitter apartment Bielefeld
flats Bingen rooms Birken
guesthouse Bischofsheim am Main fitter's room Bitterfeld
temporary living Blankenheim fitter room Bobingen
accomodation Böblingenboardinghouse Bocholt
Lodging Bochumquarters Böhlen
housing Boenen fitter apartment Boltenhagen
flats Bonn-Bad-Godesberg
rooms Borken
guesthouse Borna fitter's room Bornheim
temporary living Borschemichfitter room Bottrop
accomodation Bovendenboardinghouse Bramsche
Lodging Brandenburg an der Havel quarters Braunfels
housing Braunschweig
fitter apartment Breckerfeld flats Bremen
rooms Bremerhaven guesthouse Brilon
fitter's room Bruchköbel temporary living Bruchsal
fitter room Brugg accomodation Brüggen
boardinghouse Brühl Lodging Brüssel
quarters Buchholz housing Bühlerzell
fitter apartment Bünde flats Burbach
rooms Burghausenguesthouse Burglahr
fitter's room Burscheid temporary living Buseck
fitter room Büsum accomodation Büttelborn
boardinghouse Büttgen

Lodging Cottbus quarters Castrop-Rauxel housing Celle
Lodging Cottbus quarters Castrop-Rauxel housing Celle
fitter apartment Castrop-Rauxelflats Celle
rooms Chemnitzguesthouse Cloppenburg
fitter's room Coburgtemporary living Cochem
fitter room Coesfeldaccomodation Cottbus
boardinghouse CrailsheimLodging Cuxhaven

Cheap fitter apartment Germany fitter accommodation

quarters Darmstadt housing Dormtund fitter apartment Duisburg
quarters Darmstadt housing Dormtund fitter apartment Duisburg

flats Dachaurooms Dahlem
guesthouse Darmstadtfitter's room Dasing
temporary living Dattelnfitter room Daun
accomodation Dedenbachboardinghouse Deggendorf
Lodging Delbrück quarters Delmenhorst
housing Dessaufitter apartment Detmold
flats Dieburg rooms Diepholz
guesthouse Dietzenbach fitter's room Diez an der Lahn
temporary living Dillenburg fitter room Dingolfing
accomodation Dinkelsbühl boardinghouse Dinslaken
Lodging Diringhausen quarters Dormagen
housing Dorsten fitter apartment Dortmund
flats Drensteinfurtrooms Dresden
guesthouse Drolshagenfitter's room Duisburg
temporary living Dülmen
fitter room Düren accomodation Düsseldorf
boardinghouse Eching Lodging Erlangen quarters Euskirchen
boardinghouse Eching Lodging Erlangen quarters Euskirchen
housing Eching fitter apartment Eckental
flats Eggolsheim rooms Eiching
guesthouse Einbeckfitter's room Eisenach
temporary living Eisenhüttenstadt fitter room Eitorf
accomodation Elsdorf Erft boardinghouse Emden
Lodging Emmerich am Rhein quarters Emsdetten
housing Emskirchen fitter apartment Engelskirchen
flats Engerrooms Ennepetal
guesthouse Ennigerloh fitter's room Enschede
temporary living Erdingfitter room Erftstadt
accomodation Erfurtboardinghouse Erkelenz
Lodging Erkrathquarters Erlangen
housing Erndtebrückfitter apartment Eschweiler
flats Essenrooms Esslingen am Neckar
guesthouse Esterwegenfitter's room Euskirchen

temporary living Frankfurt fitter room Freiburg accomodation Fürth
temporary living Frankfurt fitter room Freiburg accomodation Fürth
boardinghouse Ferchland Lodging Feucht
quarters Finnentrop housing Finsterwalde
fitter apartment Flensburg flats Flörsheim
rooms Forchheim guesthouse Frankenstein
fitter's room Frankenthal temporary living Frankfurt/Main
fitter room Frankfurt Oderaccomodation Frechen
boardinghouse FreibergLodging Freiburg im Breisgau
quarters Freisinghousing Freudenberg
fitter apartment Fulda
flats Fürstenfeldbrück rooms Fürth
guesthouse Furth

fitter's room Germersheim temporary living Gelsenkirchen fitter room Gladbeck
fitter's room Germersheim temporary living Gelsenkirchen fitter room Gladbeck
accomodation Gangeltboardinghouse Garbsen
Lodging Garchingquarters Garmisch-Partenkirchen
housing Gauting fitter apartment Geilenkirchen
flats Geislingenrooms Geldern
guesthouse Gelsenkirchenfitter's room Gera
temporary living Germersheimfitter room Gerolstein
accomodation Gescherboardinghouse Geseke
Lodging Gevelsbergquarters Gießen
housing Giesenkirchenfitter apartment Gladbeck
flats Goch rooms Göllheim
guesthouse Gönnersdorf fitter's room Göppingen
temporary living Görlitz fitter room Goslar
accomodation Gotha boardinghouse Göttingen
Lodging Grafing bei München quarters Grafschaft
housing Grefrathfitter apartment Greifswald
flats Grevenrooms Grevenbroich
guesthouse Grevenbroich-Neurath fitter's room Grömitz
temporary living Gronau fitter room Groningen
accomodation Groß Gerauboardinghouse Gummersbach
Lodging Güstrow quarters Gütersloh

Furnished rooms Germany Zimmervermietung FeWo Apartment

housing Hallbergmoos fitter apartment Halle an der Saale flats Haltern am See
housing Hallbergmoos fitter apartment Halle an der Saale flats Haltern am See
rooms Haan guesthouse Hagen
fitter's room Hallbergmoos temporary living Halle
fitter room Hallenberg accomodation Haltern am See
boardinghouse HalverLodging Hamburg
quarters Hameln housing Hamm
fitter apartment Hammersbach flats Hamminkeln
rooms Hanau guesthouse Hannover
fitter's room Harsewinkel temporary living Hattersheim am Main
fitter room Hattingenaccomodation Heckenbach
boardinghouse Heerlen Lodging Heide
quarters Heidelberg am Neckar housing Heiden
fitter apartment Heilbronn flats Heiligenhaus
rooms Heimbach guesthouse Heimstetten
fitter's room Heinsbergtemporary living Hellenthal
fitter room Hemeraccomodation Hennef
boardinghouse Heppenheim Lodging Herdecke an der Ruhr
quarters Herford housing Herne
fitter apartment Heroldsbach flats Herscheid
rooms Herten guesthouse Herzebrock-Clarholz
fitter's room Herzogenaurach temporary living Herzogenrath
fitter room Hilchenbachaccomodation Hilden
boardinghouse Hildesheim Lodging Leverkusen-Hitdorf
quarters Hochheim am Main housing Höchstadt
fitter apartment Hof flats Hofheim
rooms Holzkirchen guesthouse Holzweiler
fitter's room Hooksiel temporary living Hörstel
fitter room Hövelhofaccomodation Hoyerswerda
boardinghouse Hückelhoven Lodging Hückeswagen
quarters Hünxe housing Hürtgenwald
fitter apartment Hürth flats Husum

rooms Idstein
guesthouse Ilbesheim
fitter's room Ilmenau
rooms Idstein guesthouse Ilbesheim
fitter's room Ilmenau
temporary living Ibbenbürenfitter room Idstein
accomodation Ilbesheimboardinghouse Ilmenau
Lodging Inden quarters Ingolstadt
housing Innsbruckfitter apartment Iserlohn
flats Isselburg rooms Issum

guesthouse Jackerath
fitter's room Jüchen temporary living Jena
guesthouse Jackerath
fitter's room Jüchen
temporary living Jena
fitter room Jackerath accomodation Jena
boardinghouse Jüchen Lodging Jülich

quarters Kalchreuth
housing Kassel
fitter apartment Kerken
quarters Kalchreuth
housing Kassel
fitter apartment Kerken

flats Kürtenrooms Kaarst
guesthouse Kaiserslauternfitter's room Kalchreuth
temporary living Kalkarfitter room Kall
accomodation Kamen boardinghouse Kamenz
Lodging Kamp-Lintfort quarters Karlsfeld
housing Karlsruhe fitter apartment fitter apartment Kassel
flats Kaufbeurenrooms Kelkheim
guesthouse Kempen fitter's roomKempten im Allgäu
accomodation Kerkenboardinghouse Kerpen
temporary living Kerpen - Sindorf fitter room Kestert
accomodation KevelaerLodging Kiel
quarters Kierspehousing Kirchherten
fitter apartment Kirchhundem flats Kirchtroisdorf
Lodging Kleinheubachrooms Kleve
guesthouse Koblenzfitter's room Koblenz Karthause
temporary living Koblenz Rübenach fitter room Köln
accomodation Königsfeld
boardinghouse Königstein accomodation Königswinter
Lodging Konstanz fitter room Konz
Lodging Korschenbroichquarters Kranenburg
housing Krefeld
Lodging Krefeld-Fischeln
quarters Krefeld-Uerdingen boardinghouse Kreuzau
fitter apartment Kreuztalflats Kulmbach
Lodging Kusel

rooms Langenzenn guesthouse Laupheim fitter's room Leverkusen
rooms Langenzenn guesthouse Laupheim fitter's room Leverkusen
temporary living Lahnstein am Rheinquarters Lahr
flats Lampertheimfitter room Landau
Lodging Langen
accomodation Langenfeld am Rhein boardinghouse Langenhagen
guesthouse Langenzenn fitter apartment Langerwehe
Lodging Langgöns
boardinghouse Lauf an der Pegnitz fitter room Laupheim
accomodation Leck Lodging Legden
boardinghouse Leichlingenquarters Leipzig
housing Lengerichquarters Lennestadt
boardinghouse Leonbergfitter apartment Leverkusen
fitter apartment LindlarLodging Lingen
housing Linnichflats Linz am Rhein
guesthouse Lippendorffitter apartment Lippstadt
rooms Lohmar boardinghouse Löhne
accomodation Lörrach Lodging Lübeck
guesthouse Lüdenscheidfitter's room Lüdinghausen
guesthouse Ludwigsburgfitter apartment Ludwigshafen
flats Lüneburgquarters Lünen
accomodation LüssowLodging Luxemburg

Furnished accommodation ZZIV fitter apartments

flats Mannheim rooms Markkleeberg guesthouse Mörfelden
flats Mannheim rooms Markkleeberg guesthouse Mörfelden
fitter's room Maastricht quarters Magdeburg
boardinghouse Mahlberg fitter apartment Maintal
temporary living Mainz Lodging Mannheim
guesthouse Marburg fitter room Marienheide
accomodation Markkleebergfitter apartment Marktredwitz
flats MarlMonteurzimmer Mechernich
accomodation Meckenheim Lodging Medebach
accomodation Meerbusch boardinghouse Mehlingen
Lodging Meinerzhagenquarters Memmingen
boardinghouse Menden fitter apartment Mering
quarters Merzenich Lodging Mettlach
guesthouse Mettmann housing Minden
flats Moers fitter apartment Möhnesee
flats Mönchengladbach fitter apartment Mönchengladbach-Eiken
accomodation Mönchengladbach-Odenkirchen Lodging Mönchengladbach-Rheydt
fitter room Monheim am Rhein Lodging Monschau
flats Moosburg an der Isar quarters Mörfelden
boardinghouse Morsbachfitter apartment Much
rooms Mühlheim am Main Lodging Mülheim an der Ruhr
guesthouse MünchenLodging Munster
fitter's room Münster fitter apartment Münster bei Dieburg

temporary living Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde temporary living Nauen
accomodation Nauheim
temporary living Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde
temporary living Nauen
accomodation Nauheim
boardinghouse Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde quarters Nauen
boardinghouse Nauheim fitter apartment Neckarsulm
Lodging Netphen Lodging Nettersheim
accomodation Nettetalquarters Neu-Isenburg
guesthouse Neu-Ulm fitter apartment Neubrandenburg
flats Neuenrade housing Neukieritzsch
accomodation Neukirchen-Vluyn Lodging Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
boardinghouse Neumünster fitter apartment Neunkirchen
flats Neunkirchen (Siegerland) quarters Neunkirchen am Sand
boardinghouse Neunkirchen-Seelscheid fitter apartment Neurath
rooms Neuss Lodging Neustadt an der Aisch
guesthouse Neustadt an der Donau fitters room Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
temporary living Neustadt in Holstein fitter apartment Neustadt Wied
fitter room Neuwiedaccomodation Niederkassel am Rhein
boardinghouse Niederkrüchten Lodging Niederzier
accomodation Nimwegen Nijmegen Lodging Norderstedt
quarters Nordhornhousing Nordkirchen
accomodation Nordstemmen fitter apartment Nörvenich
flats NottulnLodging Nümbrecht
boardinghouse Nürnberg

rooms Oberasbach
accomodation Oberhaching guesthouse Odentahl
rooms Oberasbach
accomodation Oberhaching
guesthouse Odentahl
fitter's room Oberasbach quarters Oberderdingen
temporary living Oberhachingboardinghouse Oberhausen
fitter room Obermichelbach Lodging Obertshausen
guesthouse Oberursel boardinghouse Ochtrup
Lodging Odentahlaccomodation Oelde
boardinghouse Oer-Erkenschwick Lodging Oestrich-Winkel
quarters Offenbach am Main quarters Offenburg
boardinghouse Oldenburg im Oldenburger Land fitter room Oldenburg in Holstein
Lodging Olfen guesthouse Olpe
housing Olsberg flats Opherten
fitter apartment Oranienburgaccomodation Oschatz
fitter apartment Osnabrück boardinghouse Overath

flats Pfungstadt
rooms Philippsthal
guesthouse Plettenberg
flats Pfungstadt
rooms Philippsthal
guesthouse Plettenberg
accomodation Paderbornquarters Papenburg
fitter's room Passaufitter room Pegnitz
temporary living PeineLodging Pforzheim
flats Pfungstadt quarters Philippstahl
guesthouse Pirmasens fitter apartment Plaue
boardinghouse Plauen flats Plettenberg
accomodation Plochingen Lodging Pohlheim
fitter room Poing boardinghouse Potsdam
accomodation Prachtquarters Puchheim
fitter room Pulheimaccomodation Pütz

boardinghouse Bergheim-Quadrath-Ichendorf
boardinghouse Bergheim-Quadrath-Ichendorf
Lodging Bergheim Quadrat Ichendorf

Dormitory Germany Temporary accommodation for workers
quarters Radevormwald
housingRaesfeld fitter apartment Datteln
quarters Radevormwald
housing Raesfeld fitter apartment Ratzeburg
flats Rödermark quarters Radevormwald
rooms Raesfeldfitter room Rastatt
guesthouse RatingenLodging Ratzeburg
flats Recklinghausenquarters Rees
guesthouse Regensburg fitter apartment Reichshof-Eckenhagen
fitter's room Remagen am Rhein temporary living Remscheid
accomodation Reutlingen Lodging Rheda-Wiedenbrück
quarters Rhede flats Rheinbach
accomodation Rheinberg Lodging Rheine
accomodation Rheinfelden Lodging Rheurdt
fitter room Rietberg quarters Roermond
accomodation Roetgen housing Rommerskirchen
boardinghouse Rosengarten Lodging Rosenheim
Lodging Rosenthal quarters Rösrath
housing Rostockguesthouse Roth
fitter apartment Rotterdamflats Rottweil
quarters Rüdersdorf boardinghouse Rudolstadt
fitter apartment Ruppichterothflats Rüsselsheim

Rooms available Germany pension

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