Work for refugees Köln

We’re looking for 1-2 craftsmen (tool worker) to renovate our more as 3000m² apartments, to clean houses,
to take care about more as 1000m² from garden and other work like this.

Do you like to work 40 hours per week?

Do you speak German or English well?

Do you have already a working permission?

You can sleeo in one of our apartments. If you work for us, you'll get a room for yourself.

work for Refugees Bonn

Then contact us by mail with your CV and a new photo:,

If you have some certifications, just inform us about them as well as about a driving license.

work fpr refugees Troisdorf

You’ll work mostly in our offices in Troisdorf.
In general you may live here in our houses too, that’s what we can check up if we come to a contract.

Refugees Lohmar, Refugees Siegburg

If you’re living in these two cities you may reach us by public transport too (bus 506 to Troisdorf-Altenrath)

Do you like to do other jobs too? Then inform us. You may look e.g. at too.

Melden Sie sich bei:
Hermes Direkt GmbH

53842 Troisdorf
Flughafenstr. 63
Tel.: 02246/9111221
Fax: 02246/9111211

or much better with an E-Mail:

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